Garou Nation



Glass Walkers:

Sept of the Learning Hall: is their main sept in Russia.   The Caern is located at the Moscow University.  They have smaller Caerns located in most large cities including Saint Petersburg and Kiev.

Glass Walkers of Note:

  • Boris Tsergov

Silver Fangs:

Sept of the Crescent Moon: is their main sept in Russia.  The Caern is located in the central Ural Mountains.  There are more Silverfangs at smaller Caerns and several packs which don't have a Caern at all.

Silverfangs of Note:

  • Tamara Tvarivich
  • Chases-Street-Demons
  • Nicolai Predatelski


Sept of the Spirit Stone: is their main sept in Russia.  There Uktena are rumored to control several smaller Caerns throughout Siberia as well.

Uktena of Note:

  • Speaker-to-Mountains
  • Ivan Bolkov



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